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Raggy tree in Riga? Maybe, maybe not

I’ve been in Riga in Latvia for a few days, enjoying the Baltic sun. And on the first evening, in a park near the Freedom Monument, I came across a tree decorated with ribbons. Although I immediately jumped to the … Continue reading

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Raggy trees, an Irish pishogue

A pishogue, in the Irish tradition, is a charm or superstitious practice. And there are many associated with trees, including raggy trees, adorned with physical proof of enduring traditions. Here are just two of them, one at Fore, County Westmeath, … Continue reading

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Trees, part 1 – tree of knowledge

With Christmas looming, and a house in the middle of some minor but disruptive renovations, what to do with all the books piled in the room that is about to be slept in by visitors? Enter the Christmas book tree. Enrobed with … Continue reading

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Hawthorn (no, not the AFL team)

The hawthorn, also known as the may, whitethorn, and in Irish sceach gheal, is a significant sacred tree in Irish folklore. Known for its general protective powers, a hawthorn was often planted near houses to keep witches away. It was known … Continue reading

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