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Tools of the archaeology trade

These days, I’m deep in the results from the Baker’s Flat excavations of 2016 and 2017, analysing what we found as part of the ‘writing up’ of my PhD. As we excavated, the work was captured in words, photos, total … Continue reading

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The excavation of Baker’s Flat – a tale of the Trench A dugout

From April through to the beginning of May, I led a trusty band of volunteers in the first excavation at Baker’s Flat. For me, this was an experience that engendered a wide range of emotions. At some stages I was filled with excitement, … Continue reading

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It’s a dirty job

This week, Flinders University Archaeology Department is running a field school in the Sturt Gorge, excavating the ruins of a nineteenth century cottage.  The Sturt Gorge Recreation Park covers almost 250 hectares, is just 13km south of Adelaide city centre, and conveniently … Continue reading

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Archaeological curiosities in Finland

In Finland recently for a few days, I spent a very happy morning in Aboa Vetus in Turku, Finland’s only archaeological museum. From what I can gather (I have barely a word of Finnish), the museum was a bit of … Continue reading

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Remembering one’s shovel

Back after excavating for a week at St Johns near Kapunda. This site is being researched by a Flinders University PhD archaeology student, and is about five kilometres from my own research area of Baker’s Flat. St Johns was one of … Continue reading

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